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Stryker Wear Affiliate Program FAQ

Stryker Wear Affiliate Program Operating Agreement FAQ

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1. What is the Stryker Wear Affiliate Program?

The Stryker Wear Affiliate Program allows approved participants to earn commissions by advertising Stryker Wear products. By placing special links on your website or app, you can earn advertising fees for qualifying purchases made through these links.

2. Who is eligible to participate?

The program is open to legal U.S. entities, including businesses, non-profits, foundations, or legal school programs, and U.S. citizens or legal residents within the U.S. and its territories. Non-U.S. entities or residents are not eligible.

3. Does it cost anything to join?

No. The Stryker Wear Affiliate Program is free to join. The goal is to make you money! 

4. How do I enroll in the Program?

Submit a complete and accurate application identifying your website or app. Your application will be reviewed for suitability, and you'll be notified of acceptance or rejection. Unsuitable sites, such as those containing explicit, violent, defamatory, discriminatory, or illegal content, or violating intellectual property rights, will be rejected.

5. What marketing channels are allowed?

You are allowed to promote your affiliate links on your approved website, social media accounts, and legal & opted-in email marketing lists.

6. What are the responsibilities of a participant?

You're responsible for the content and operation of your site, including compliance with the Operating Agreement and all applicable laws. You must ensure accurate and appropriate materials are posted, respect intellectual property rights, and disclose data collection practices.

7. How are orders processed and commissions earned?

We process orders made through your special links. Commissions are earned on qualifying purchases as per the terms in Section 7 of the Agreement. Exclusions apply, such as purchases made for resale or through unauthorized or inappropriate links.

8. How and when are payments made?

Payments are made monthly for qualifying purchases, subject to withholding as applicable. You must submit a U.S. IRS Form W-9 and will receive IRS Form 1099-MISC annually. Payments are only made to U.S. financial institutions and in USD.

9. What are the guidelines for mobile applications?

If you include special links in a mobile application, it must be free, contain original content, not emulate partner site functionality, and comply with additional guidelines outlined in the Agreement.

10. What happens if I violate the Agreement?

Non-compliance can result in withholding of fees, account closure, and termination of the Agreement. We also reserve the right to monitor your site and take necessary action to ensure compliance.

11. Can the terms of the Agreement change?

Yes, we may modify the Agreement at any time. You will be notified of changes via email or through a notice on the Partner Site. Continued participation after modifications indicates your acceptance of the changes.

12. What is the legal jurisdiction governing the Agreement?

The Agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Texas, U.S., and any disputes will be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts in Texas.

13. What is the Stryker Wear Affiliate Program Commissions Schedule?

The Commissions Schedule is part of the Operating Agreement for the Stryker Wear Associates Program. It outlines the potential advertising fees or commission rates that participants in the Program can earn, along with any limitations on these earnings.

14. Can this Schedule change?

Yes, the Schedule may be modified from time to time in line with the Operating Agreement.

15. How are commissions calculated?

Commissions are typically calculated as a percentage of Qualifying Revenues, which are based on customer purchases excluding shipping, handling, taxes, and other specific fees. The rates vary based on the product categories and total sales.

16. What is the standard commission structure?

The standard commission begins at up to 10% on all products. This can increase based on the sales revenue you generate in a single payment cycle, with tiers set at 12% for $1000 - $4999 and 15% for $5,000+.

17. Does the commission rate reset each payout cycle?

Yes, the commission rate defaults to the base rate at the start of each payout cycle and may increase based on your sales performance.

18. What is the MLM Affiliate Network Commission Structure?

This structure allows affiliates to earn commissions from sales made by affiliates they recruit. It follows a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) model with two levels of recruitment.

19. How does the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) payout work?*

  • Level 1: 3% of total sale generated by affiliates directly recruited by you.
  • Level 2: 2% of total sale generated by those recruited by your Level 1 affiliates. 

*Commissions are based on sales made by these recruited partners, and are subject to change or deletion by Stryker Wear, LLC. at our sole discretion.

20. Are there special offers and promotions?

Yes, we occasionally offer bounties or special promotions that may include increased commission rates or the opportunity to earn fees on products or categories previously excluded.

21. How will I know about changes to commission rates or special offers?

We will inform you of any changes, exclusions, or special promotions through updates on the program page, emails, blog posts, or other communication methods. It is your responsibility to check your Affiliate dashboard regularly for updates to the payout schedule.

22. Are there exclusions to what can earn commissions?

Yes, certain products or categories might be excluded from earning commissions, and these exclusions can change. Rates for specific products or categories may also be adjusted.

This FAQ is a simplified guide and does not cover all details of the Operating Agreement. Please refer to the full Stryker Wear Affiliate Operating Agreement for complete information.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information, please refer to the full Stryker Wear Affiliate Program Operating Agreement and regularly check updates on the program page.

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